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Joe Bump is a small ball of kangaroo energy. He loves to explore and play with his friends. Joe is always inquisitive and the first to get involved as he learns about the world and his friends. It’s always good fun when Joe is around!

Caroline the Kangaroo is mum to Joe Bump and little Ruby Roo. She keeps an eye on Joe and his friends and is usually full of creative ideas and fun games for them to play and do. Caroline’s Kangaroo pouch seems to contain everything you could need to make and explore the world!

Hector the Hippo enjoys more than anything to stare at his reflection in the lake and be with his friends. He always thinks that he’s right and that he is the best animal ever.

Ena the Elephant is very caring; she takes her time with everything so that it is always perfect. She’s very cautious but clumsy too. She sometimes gets nervous about playing new games, or going on adventures in case she gets messy or in trouble.

Gareth the giraffe is a scaredy cat. He’s very adventurous, but at the first sign of trouble he hides away. Gareth is a bit of a daydreamer and gets confused very easily, which amuses Joe and his other friends.




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  If you like the characters then you will love the book.