Digital Art Workshop


We are currently not able to run these workshops.

We do hope to get through this and run workshops again very soon.

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You will work with an experienced digital illustrator and teacher from Turnip Starfish, you will explore creating, drawing and painting artwork in Adobe Photoshop and Krita. You will learn techniques and software which are used in the modern comic book, Manga, concept art and illustration industry. You will learn how to draw your artwork in the computer, you will then go on to paint, add effects and texture to your artwork.

More advanced artists will go on to explore areas such as:

  • painting with masks and selection areas
  • colouring ink lines
  • adding shadow levels and highlights
  • playing with the colour dodge!

Each artist will get their own computer to work on for the day and will paint with a graphics tablet (digital pen) during the workshop, don’t worry if you have never done this before, we will help you get the hang of it!

All the equipment is provided by us, you may wish to bring a memory stick to take your artwork home.

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