Attack on Titan – Final Series Confirmed!


With Attack on Titan (AoT) season three concluding a few weeks ago in subbed and with the dub version finishing in a couple of weeks, it’s no surprise that a trailer for AoT season 4 has been released. What is unusual is that this will be the final season.

AoT Season 3 Part 2 shows the scouts FINALLY able to get to Eren’s house, open his father’s basement, use THE KEY (yes, the key actually gets used!!) and they discover the truth about the world.
In the final few episodes we realise that Eren and his fellow citizens are not the only humans in the world, but instead they have been sealed away on an island (Paradis), within the three walls and with the founding Titan for over 100 years.
With memories starting to resurface, the survey corps explore outside the walls and finally reach the sea. Where Eren speaks the final words of the series:
‘On the other side of the sea…is freedom. That’s what I always believed. But I was wrong. On the other side of the sea… are enemies.’
‘Hey… if we kill all our enemies… over there…
…will we finally… be free?’

So, what can we expect from Attack on Titan Season 4? Season 4 will essentially be about Eren and company going to war with the nation of Marley. Marley knows all about Paradis, it’s people and their Titans. They have been preparing for war and even have their own Titans such as the Armoured Titan and the Jaw Titan.
As usual with AoT there are a million and one questions that we want answers to and I don’t really know if they will all be answered well enough in this ‘final season’. The manga is still being written and produced by Hajime Isayama, although it is now in its final arc, it could take between 1 year or 2 years to complete.
AoT writers for this final season need to be extremely careful not to add too many storylines in this chapter. I know that in the manga many new characters are introduced and there are several plot twists, but if this is the final series it needs to be kept basic but interesting and have a satisfying ending. Remember, there will probably only be a maximum of 24 episodes and far too much has gone on in the manga to cram it all into one season of anime.
I hope that season 4 won’t be a half-hearted attempt to end the series that a lot of us love and that everything is wrapped up in a satisfying way. I guess we will just have to wait until 2020 to find out!

Published: 2019.07.19

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