Turnip Animation Studio

Turnip Starfish

The Turnip Starfish team have been independently producing and directing animation for television, mobile phones, online platforms and computer games in Cardiff since 2009. The team have been working in the animation sector since 1999.

animated Squirrel by Cardiff animation studio Turnip Starfish

Making fun things happen

turnip starfish illustration


The team have been drawing their entire lives, we love to create cartoons. If you have a style in mind, then no problem, or let us create something new and unique.

Character Design

We create new and unique characters and would be delighted to show you some of our creative and wacky ideas.


We know that getting the message across is critical. We will pay special attention to the readability of our animation to make sure we hit the right note.

filming with Turnip Starfish

Unique Ideas

If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, then we would love to play with some ideas for you.

Turnip Starfish showreel


Our in-house team can produce 2D and Digital 2D Animation as well as Creative Stop Motion. We also have amazing partners that will create CG Animation as requested.

Say Hello

If you want to say hi, or have a question for us, feel free to get in touch.

These are only some of the amazing partners we have worked with: