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animation production Cardiff - turnip starfish

Sneak Peek!

One of the most exciting projects we have had the pleasure of working on. Thanks to the team at Yokai World! and Hundreds & Thousands #yokai #animation #anime #manga #pokemon

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Animation company in Cardiff Turnip Starfish

Help to prevent condensation!

We were super excited to work with seven housing association partners in South Wales to create an advertising campaign to assist in the prevention of condensation and mould. What did

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Squirrel Animation Turnip Starfish

Squirrelling Away

We had some fun animating this little dude before Christmas! It is a gift from us to you, hope you enjoyed it! #animation #squirrel #cardiff #cardiffanimationcompany #makingof #howtoanimate all animated

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concept art turnip starfish

Just foxing about!

The team have been concepting some new characters, thought this one was #cute #conceptart #cardiff #animationcardiff #fox #bigears #charming #Brand

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yokai designs

Which one do you like?

We recently produced some concept artwork and animated an advert for an up coming mobile game with Hundreds and thousands (go check them out) We loved working on the animation

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concept art turnip starfish

Full of character!

The team created these designs the other day and we thought they were good fun! So we thought we’d share! Hope you enjoy. #characterdesign #design #cartoons #fun #sketchbook

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Animation Company Turnip Starfish have been animating and teaching since 2009.
We create vibrant environments that inspire and allow our pupils, both young and old, to become amazing artists.
As artists and animators, we have a history of producing animation for television, mobile phones, online platforms and computer games.
At our workshops we inspire the next generation of artists – our workshops in animation, manga drawing, cartoon drawing, digital art, life drawing and more have encouraged participants across South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bristol and beyond to develop their skills and reach their goals.

Our pupils are our greatest achievement.

Lexemon’s Manga & Anime Blog

want more manga?

New to anime and manga or just started? This is for both young people and parents who want to know more.

Free Drawing Tutorials

Lexy is drawing Rowlet from Pokémon. Join in and draw along!

How to draw Shinra from Fire Force.

Lexémon shows you how to draw your own picture of Vanellope from Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph.

Join Nick drawing an Orc.

Join Lexy on the long draw as she draws Ibuki Mioda from Danganronpa.

In this video Lexy draws Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa.

Lexy is drawing Popplio from Pokémon. Join in and draw along!

Today Lexy is drawing Shinso from My Hero Academia.

Our Happy Creatives!

"Nick was just an incredible teacher and an unbelievably kind person. It's companies like yours and people like you that make this industry great."
Coel - 02/03/2023 - email
"We recently worked with the team at Turnip Starfish to create an animated explainer video for our project Getfit.Wales. From start to finish, the process was seamless and efficient."

Scott Tandy - Cymdeithas Tai Newydd Housing Association – 04/01/2023

"Nick's anatomy workshop was excellent; he gave a group of experienced artists a great breakdown of all of the trickiest parts of the human form in an informative and amusing way. Thanks a lot Nick! ."
Leon Dexter. Animation Director, Bumpybox. 03/07/2022 – email
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