Black Clover

Black Clover Review – Episode 63 ‘Not in the Slightest’

Spoiler Alert

In episode 63 Asta and Ladros’ epic battle ends, leaving them both extremely injured. Asta’s friends are also in need of some urgent healing. After defending Witches Forest, Asta asks the Witches Queen to use her powers to heal himself and his friends…but she has other ideas. The real reason the Queen allowed Asta & company into her forest to begin with becomes apparent and it doesn’t look good for our heroes… then the episode ends!!!

The 63rd episode of Black Clover was soooo good this week that I had to watch the next couple of episodes in Japanese! (Japanese subbed anime is usually about 3 episodes ahead of English dubbed) Little spoiler, its Vanessa’s turn to fight her Queen and a ‘familiar’ appears.

Published: 2019-01-17

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