One Punch Man – Season 2


One Punch Man – Season 1 was good but we’ve had to wait 4 years for Season 2. Its been well worth the wait!
Season 2 has hit the ground running… smashing…and destroying my expectations. I am currently 7 (out of 12) episodes into Season 2 and as up to date as I can be!

This season there are two story arcs that I predict will merge together in the final few episodes. Both story arcs are really entertaining full of action, new characters and humour.

This season focuses on Saitama (One Punch Man aka Caped Baldy by the Hero Association) and a new character named Garou.

Saitama is broke. Desperately needing money, he enters a martial arts competition under the name of Charanko. The real Charanko, who is currently in hospital, gave Saitama his entry ticket to watch the competition but Saitama decides to enter in disguise. 

Whilst the martial arts competition is happening several monsters start attacking the city. This is when a villain named Garou appears and starts causing further chaos by battling the Heroes. Garou’s aspiration is to become a Dragon class monster by himself without the help from the Monster Association.

This is a really brief outline of the plot of Season 2 as I don’t want to write too many spoilers, but one thing you should definitely know it that Season 2 is EPIC! Season 1 felt disjointed at times but this season is flowing beautifully with the perfect amount of humour, action and story development!

One Punch Man – Season 1 is rated 15 on DVD and some streaming platforms such as Netflix. It is also available as a manga rated OT, Older Teen. I think that Season 2 will be rated the same, however it has not been given an official rating in the UK yet.

Published: 2019 06 03

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