Gundam vs Hello Kitty

This is a must see! To celebrate Gundam’s 40th and Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary the two iconic franchises have decided to collaborate and go head-to-head in Gundam vs Hello Kitty a series of short anime episodes.

This bizarre combination consists of Hello Kitty’s television suddenly tuning into a Gundam battle where the fighting brings Hello Kitty to tears. She then runs out of her house shouting “We should all be friends!”

I’ll leave the rest for you to watch yourselves as they are very short episodes, no longer than 3 minutes each, subtitled in English. There are currently only two episodes to watch and I am really looking forward to the next one. The seriousness of Gundam and kawaii cuteness of Hello Kitty actually complement each other in a rather comedic way.

If you would like to view the episodes go to the website HERE. It’s definitely time well spent!

Published: 2019.07.15

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