NEO Awards 2019

It’s that time of year again guys! It’s Award time! First of all is the NEO Magazine Awards. For those who don’t know NEO Magazine is a monthly magazine published in the United Kingdom and Ireland by Uncooked Media since 2009. The magazine focuses on a variety of East Asian entertainment such as Japanese anime and manga; Hong Kong, Korean and Japanese films; and Japanese pop, rock and fashion. Video games are also frequently covered in the magazine too.
For those who are unfamiliar with the magazine and/or voting in these awards I decided to list the categories so you get an idea of what it’s like. All the awards are given for releases during 2019.

1. Best anime
2. Best franchise
3. Best anime movie (home release)
4. Best anime movie (theatrical)
5. Best Collector’s edition anime
6. Best streaming anime
7. Best Asian live-action movie
8. Best Asian live-action movie reissue/remaster
9. Best manga
10. Best game
11. Best musical act
12. Best anime distributer
13. Best anime streaming service
14. Best game distributer
15. Best Asian movie distributer
16. Best manga distributer
17. Best retailer
18. Best specialist company
19 Best merchandiser

Basically, these awards are about a lot more than anime and manga. If you are into Asian film, music, culture and fashion then these are the awards for you. If you are just an anime and manga enthusiast then you can just click the next button leaving answers unchecked for the categories which don’t interest you. Follow the link to take part in the vote!

Go To Neo Awards 2019

For more specific anime awards then the Crunchy Roll Awards will be for you. With categories such as Best Hero and Best Opening anime fans really do get competitive. Voting will begin next year and will be live streamed on February 15, 2020. 

Published: 2019.12.09

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